On-the-Shelf Technology: Instrument Platform

How can we develop quality microfluidic products faster?

At Phase Three Product Development, one facet of our answer is a series of universal, “On-the-Shelf” technologies. Ranging from disposable fluid control and sensing to communication and data management structures, our internally developed resources are ready to adapt for the needs of a specific project. This scaffold provides substantial benefits to our clients, avoiding the need to develop novel technologies which reduces risk and decreases the time to market.

Phase Three’s instrument platform is one aspect of our on-the-shelf technology. Our reader is designed to be paired with a disposable cartridge, saving costs by reusing expensive components, and expanding the capabilities of the system by utilizing technologies that are not feasible on a disposable alone.

P3 Reader.jpg

Examples of these include:

  • Pneumatically actuated pumps and valves for fluid movement
  • Electrical control of heaters and mixers, and the increased power supply of a wall outlet
  • Colorimetric readers, electrochemical sensors, and image analysis
  • External communication utilizing Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, the Internet of Things, and cloud storage

The universal structure of our instrument system allows changes to accommodate any certain customer. Adaptable mechanical, electrical, and software designs mean that we can integrate our client’s innovations in chemistry, sensing, or any other aspect of the design.

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Kris Buchanan