On-the-Shelf Technology: Pneumatically Controlled Disposable Pumps and Valves

We, at Phase Three Product Development, believe that having a list of internally developed technologies ready to go for our clients’ products can reduce development risks and schedules. That’s why we have developed disposable pumps, valves, mixers, fluidic systems, optics modules, sensing electronics, communications architectures (Bluetooth, IoT), data management structures as available technologies that can be “Plugged In” to new products.  

Locally controlling the movement of fluids in a microfluidic has been shown to be the most effective way to control the chemistry of your assay. Moving multiple fluids, incubation times, mixing and temperature control can all be done if one can control the movement of the fluids locally in the disposable. Phase Three has developed pneumatically controlled pumps and valves which allow this to be done in a way that allows rapid prototyping to optimize your fluidic system and your protocol.  This approach enhances the fluid control within your device for development and can be accomplished with low manufacturing cost. This gives our customers a unique design with high performing function. 

Phase Three has designs available for pneumatically controlled on-board pumps and valves which are based on injection molded and laminate technologies. These designs are characterized and ready to be used in disposable applications with very little customization required.  

Please contact us of we can help accelerate your product development. 

Kris Buchanan