Product Development of Your Instruments, Fluidic Cartridges, POC Disposables and Readers


Do you see a need for a new market or product for healthcare consumables or instrumentation but lack the in-house engineering and regulatory capabilities to address it in an expeditious fashion?


PhaseThree is step one.

We’re a contract design and engineering firm with a track record of success helping deliver system solutions—instrumentation, consumables, hardware, software—to the most exacting healthcare markets.

We’ve worked with some of the largest multinationals in the industry—such as Danaher and Agilent—and with start-ups, also. We’re the first step for forward-thinking companies launching new products into the market.


The difference?
Making you market-ready.

For some design firms, moving you into their manufacturing pipeline (where their margins are) is their chief focus. But we focus on the market-readiness of your deliverable. We design it, prototype it, test it, and get it into production. And always with a manufacturer that’s a perfect fit.

I had the great pleasure of working with Kris on a lab-on-chip project involving a number of disciplines and features with microfluidics. Kris was instrumental in producing timely, actionable results, necessary metrics, and recommendation of potential solutions. Kris brings expert knowledge and experience as well as a can-do attitude. He is a valuable asset on any project.
— Fred Mitchell, CEO at Galaxy Ophthalmics LLC

Helping you choose the best manufacturer for the job.

It’s in manufacturing where PhaseThree really stands apart from other firms.

Rather than locking you into a single manufacturer, we offer choice. Instruments and consumables are specialized goods, requiring specialized manufacturers. We’ll work with you at the outset to choose the best manufacturer for your unique needs, and give you negotiating leverage during production.

For custom product engineering, efficient and compliant development and production processes, and a rewarding customer experience, PhaseThree is always step one.